The Muscat Band invites you to an unforgettable experience  of live music that will keep you dancing on the dance floor!

The band sets a new standard of musical quality at the level of the world’s largest productions.

Muscat performs in groups of 6 to 10 musicians, and we create and tailor a unique performance just for you, from a rich repertoire of the latest hits alongside the great classics, from Hasidic music to Israeli, Oriental and foreign hits in all languages. In addition, we offer the possibility of adding a Disc .Jockey (DJ) so that you can enjoy live music of uncompromising quality as well as a DJ.

The Experience, expertise and chemistry between the musicians creates a special combination of all styles of music and brings quality and power to the dance floor. The band has a lot of experience in understanding the vibe of the audience and adapting the music in real time. The band is suitable for diverse audiences and for all styles of events. We garuntee that the audience will experience an event like never before, with intense energy and joy, and will be on their feet, dancing on the dance floor.

Get ready for an awesome and exciting adventure, and a fantastic combination of professional music, a spectacular performance and music that will keep you dancing all night long!

With us every event is a unique production, we will work together with you, step by step, to create the perfect event, and tailor the music to your desire, and  to the nature of the event.  We will ensure that all the smallest details of your event will be  perfect and memorable !!

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